Welcome to Act 1 Scene 1

You have reached Act One Scene One for the beginning of a career in the international world of acting.

This is a chance to find out the tricks of the trade from someone who has been training successful actors for a lifetime with a proven international track record. All those questions and doubts that need answering can be dealt with in a calm, quiet and safe environment with no IDOL judges to put you down in public.

Whatever you want to know in order to fulfil your dreams, contact Nigel Rideout for a short and informative one-on-one session and obtain the best advice available.

If you are dedicated and passionate about acting, Nigel may be willing to coach you in acting techniques, voice and audition preparation to achieve the next step along your chosen path.

This could be entry into a three-year drama training programme, a professional contract, a step-up into more experience in good amateur theatre or more knowledge and skills for a teaching career in theatre arts.

Places are extremely limited so only the very best and most committed will have this opportunity.
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Act Two and Three are up to you - so contact Nigel today.